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We network locally, regionally, statewide and nationally; to develop, promote, and support an environment of change in Maine through education, training, and advocacy.

Consumer Systems

A Consumer-Driven System

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  • Published on Tuesday, 25 September 2007 08:28
  • Written by Lydia Richard

individual and collective consumer voices are supported throughout the following arenas:

Individual Planning
The system provides information to us and supports us in knowing how to create our own recovery plan. Our strengths & skills grow & get stronger as we use our natural resources. A variety of services are available for meeting our unique life needs. We know what the system has to offer & can make choices about what is most important to us at any time – we say who participates in our recovery & what outcomes we are looking for. Our providers know how to effectively involve us in making decisions about our recovery. We ALL have an opportunity to let the system know how satisfied we are with the services we receive. Our peers are an important part of the system & are available to us for support & information. Advocacy is a central function of our peers & our systems.

Service Design
We share our perspectives with state & local agencies. Our feedback is used to shape what kinds of services are available for us & how they will be delivered. The values & philosophy of the recovery model are core to all programs & services. We have the knowledge & support necessary to participate effectively in the design of RFPs, & service satisfaction surveys. We assist our peers in sharing information to make sure services & supports are easy to access & effective. Evidence based & best practices are identified by consumers because of their impact on the quality of our lives.

Service Delivery
Service providers have an increased awareness of proven recovery models & what recovery means to us. Our services are provided in a culturally sensitive & responsive manner. Our cultural experiences ARE central to our individualized services. State & local agencies create work environments that value, respect & support consumers as staff. Our peers are trained & supported to work throughout all of the life system agencies with which we make connections. Agencies have training & support to effectively recruit, support & retain consumers as staff. Service agencies have policies & procedures that provide appropriate & effective orientation, training & supervision by, for & with consumers. We have the skills & knowledge to design & implement service satisfaction surveys; to review RFPs; to perform Utilization Review concerning the use of Peer Specialists; to participate in all grievance processes; & to maintain a critical role in all Consent Decree plan development & implementation.

Quality Feedback
Consumers promote & support the successful involvement of our peers on the governance, advisory & policy bodies of agencies & organizations throughout the system. We participate fully in the design of quality feedback tools; the interviewing process; analysis & interpretation of data; and making recommendations for quality improvement. An important aspect of quality feedback is ensuring ongoing fidelity to the philosophy & values of a consumer driven system. Our skills are supported for our participation in contract renewal & renegotiations.

State & local agency governance & advisory boards have consumer membership that reflects the diverse experiences of the consumers they serve. Consumers & agencies are supported with information & strategies for effectively working together to achieve their policy goals. Dialogues are available for cross system stakeholders in order to form collective consumer voice in shaping service regulations. We have a significant role in defining the outcomes for contracts & service delivery. We help to assure appropriateness of state access to federal funds for supporting consumer delivered programs. We have maximum participation in defining Medicaid reimbursable services; providing information for RFP specifications; and making sure that public funding supports the kinds of services we need.  

Funded In Part By:

Wrendy Hayne Mental Health Fund-Maine Community Foundation


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